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Everyone’s experience with negative emotions is different, as are their approaches and ability to manage them. Nonetheless, the purpose of treating anxiety is to establish a more stable sense of self.

Your Life Coach LLC seeks to change an individual’s viewpoint by encouraging them to work on themselves. Our coaching and therapy serve as helpful strategies in assisting people to overcome anxiety. To achieve ensured results, our life coaches, consultants and therapists focus on goal setting and adjusting individual perspectives by:

  • Analyzing the underlying beliefs that fuel the anxiety;
  • Understanding how these experiences and ideas can be rearranged to manage anxiety;
  • Creating a plan for overcoming anxiety.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could be complex, and recovery through technique-based therapy may be challenging. However, trauma coaching could be one ideal solution for quick and stable results. Our trauma coaches enable clients to notice tangible improvements in their quality of life in less time than in typical talk therapy. We work by:

  • Brainstorming, seeking information, and examining potential causes of the trauma;
  • Guiding and encouraging the client but never controlling them in making decisions.

Additionally, we ensure that our clients participate in a supervised practical experience.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem is a word to describe our overall self-worth and the value we have for ourselves. Our self-esteem comprises numerous opinions about ourselves and our abilities, which significantly influence how we perceive life. If you’re going through low self-esteem, you’re likely to:

  • Feel less confident
  • Have a constant urge to please people
  • Build a negative outlook on yourself
  • Compromise on your needs

Nevertheless, Your Life Coach LLC is here to assist you in determining what is preventing you from developing self-esteem. We can help you uncover and overcome limiting beliefs by using questioning tactics and unique approaches, allowing you to instill self-acceptance in yourself. Our potential self-esteem coaching will:

  • Overcome your current negative thought patterns.
  • Help you understand who you truly are and what you want from life.
  • As your self-esteem grows, this assists you in taking the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality.

Drug Abuse

Recovery from substance abuse is a challenging process. Your Life Coach LLC works with clients to help them overcome such issues. Our coaches lead the individual in recovery onto a road that leads to positive development. They provide counsel to assist the client in understanding what is required to bring about the healing they desire through commitment and support. We work by

  • Examining the client and better understanding the underlying issues of doubt;
  • Determining what obstacles are holding them back from achieving their goals;
  • Establishing clear targets that they anticipate the individual to achieve.

Marriage Problems

There is no doubt that marriage is a beautiful relationship; however, there may be difficult times that can easily ruin the essence of this connection. Here are some reasons why you might need a life coach’s help:

  • You’re battling the same issues.
  • You’re talking about divorce.
  • You wish for things to be different.
  • You’re concerned that your children may witness you and your partner arguing.
  • You’re at a loss about how to repair your marriage.
  • You are worried about the future.

We at Your Life Coach LLC help couples develop a stronger connection with one another and strive toward increased communication, understanding, and affection. Precisely, we enable you and your partner to:

  • Work out your differences.
  • Make it a long-lasting relationship.
  • Create the connection you want.
  • Intensify sentiments of closeness.
  • Assist you in your efforts to save your marriage.